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We " We are not just corporation video producer. We are the audience and witness.
We are telling stories as this country raised. So don't tell us you just want a company introduction.
Because we see it as a Legend."


Red 之诗 [2011-09-01]
影視產業成熟之路漫漫 [2011-11-01]
I always see RED ONE as a gift [2011-01-01]
RED ONE 影像革命--北京5DS 主办 []
用有限的预算制作广告大片———Red... []
老总们 []
宝贝计划 []
HELLO,我们不是坏人 ———记宏润宣... []
闻声影画圖書館 [2011-01-01]
闻声影画的Family party []
捕捉生命之美 []
象山学来的养生粥 []
新宠——工地的狗狗 []
象山的晚上 [2011-01-01]
美丽背影的身后 []
记E+H的拍摄 [2011-01-01]